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Distributors of Agricultural Products, Export Foods are Educated

Distributors of food products and agriculture The coastal region follows the opening of a seminar organized by TBS, Dar es Salaam to provide them with education to export these products without trade barriers.  Photo by Chalila Buddha By Chalila Kibuda, Social Club TRADERS exporting agricultural products and food products from the Coastal Zone to foreign countries have been given training on the exportation of these products without any restrictions. Initially, the traders had been receiving the service from the former Food and Drug Authority of Tanzania (TFDA), but after the roles were transferred to the Tanzania Standards Agency (TBS), the organization had to organize a seminar with a view to giving them the order they had to follow. Speaking to reporters in Dar es Salaam yesterday on behalf of TBS Director-General, Dr Yusuf Ngeya, director of the agency's liquidity testing, Engineer Johannes Maganga, said the purpose of the seminar was to educate them about the process of shipment. He said when a producer distributes his own products he wants to export, TBS helps him manage his business easily without any restrictions. "So as an organization we have a facility to serve these exporters in the sense that we have all the information of where the goods are going, so when the shipment or trader comes there we can give him information of what each country needs, the product has to have a standard. does.

We rate her product and give her a certificate of excellence for the product she is delivering, "said Engineer Maganga and added; "When he gets to the shipment and the product comes with a document that confirms that it has been tested by TBS it is easy for his trusted product to go." He said they were doing this to make it easier for the trader to carry out his business so that he could easily follow the export process. He explained that before that the traders were unaware of the required procedures, so they were having trouble. "So we called them here together, sat down with them and explained how to do business, explained the problems and challenges we faced and told them how to solve those challenges in exporting goods," said Engineer Maganga. Asked about the challenges that the traders have faced, Engineer Maganga replied that it was a misunderstanding, so if someone wants to ship goods out if they do not understand those processes, they have some control over the business. "So after this seminar, it will be very easy for a person to follow the procedure, he can move his business out much easier than it used to be," he said. He emphasized that before a product is exported, it must be measured and determined by its quality and that they use the standards of the country where the product is going. In the case of East African countries, Engineer Maganga said they have a common market where they have met the standards, so if a product is rated in Tanzania and given a quality rating by TBS, the East African market can go anywhere, no one can question it.

"But if it goes outside of East Africa we are required to rate the products at the level of the destination country because all the information is sent to us," explained Engineer Maganga and added; "We can tell the producer what to do to overcome the obstacles." As for honey quality testing, he said the agency works for it and that there are companies that have been licensed for quality and are in the business of exporting honey, not experiencing any problems. In turn, acting Director of TBS Quality Control, Gervas Kaisi, said the goal of naming agri-food exporters is after the passage of the Finance Act of 2019 that has added TBS roles to food and cosmetics safety issues from the former TFDA. "So in these three months there is a lack of awareness of the businesses involved in agricultural and food products, we decided it was best to convene a seminar to provide a common understanding so that many of these people could deliver such an easy way to prove their products. food and agriculture and how they can export these products to the country, "said Kaisi.

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