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Learn Why WhatsApp bann Your Number With It's Solution

WhatsApp can the best social network apart from Facebook and Instagram that has a lot user but most of the people like to use WhatsApp as their medium of communication by sharing videos, picture, links, texts and other more. But Now people faced with the challenge of to be banned from using WhatsApp that can be either temporary or permanently. So here are the reasons that can lead to being banned from using WhatsApp:-
  • Use of unofficial WhatsApp that's third parts such as WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp FM, WhatsApp Plus and other more.
  • Sharing of Links in groups repetitively can also lead to being banned from using WhatsApp 
  • Chatting With friends who are not saving you WhatsApp phone number can lead to being banned from using WhatsApp 
  • Also to be reported frequently from either your posts in WhatsApp groups or to individuals 
So here are some the things to do to avoid banned from using WhatsApp
  1. Only communicate with users you know and those who wish to receive messages from you.
  2. Ask your friends to save your phone number in their address book.
  3. Avoid sending repetitive or promotional messages to groups.
  4. Don't use unofficial WhatsApp that named above but you can use WhatsApp business that you can download instead of using WhatsApp messenger 

Here is the solution you can use to unban your banned WhatsApp number.
You can send to WhatsApp the following message through their Email while you are applying for support.
Hi Sir.
My WhatsApp number (write your banned number year) has been banned. Please unbann it I was not aware with your policy.
That number is very important in business,
I will not violate again those terms and policies.
Hope To be unbanned
Next Article Will tell you how to send that Email to WhatsApp. Don't forget to drop your comment 

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