Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwawa has called on the Tanzanian embassy in Russia to coordinate plans for Russian business people who intend to come to the country to invest by linking them with relevant institutions and ministries so that they can invest their capital in line with the national interest. 

He issued the order yesterday (Thursday, October 24, 2019) after discovering the presence of many Russian businessmen intending to come to Tanzania to look at investment areas as well as to look for Tanzanian businessmen to join them in the investments they intend to make. "Already an appointment has been made to invite Russian investors to come to Tanzania under the influence of myself as well as the influence of Tanzanian traders, so I would not want those traders to suffer or be discouraged from fulfilling their mission."

 He said the Summit between the Heads of State and Government from the African and Russian Countries which ended on October 24, 2019, focused on building better relations in various fields especially economic. Speaking after the summit at the Sochi Olympic Park in Russia, the Prime Minister said Russia had used the summit to clarify areas that are willing to cooperate with Africa in investing in mutual benefits. 

The Prime Minister referred to the areas as the sale of agricultural equipment such as tractors, oil and gas industry and mining, the construction of infrastructure especially the railways, education issues and especially the provision of training opportunities in the country. 

He said on his part Tanzania had made good on its own with the support of himself as he consulted with the leaders of more than eight Russian companies to persuade them to invest in the country and all agreed to arrive in Tanzania as soon as possible. "The leaders of all the companies I have had the opportunity to talk to have said they are ready to come to the country to negotiate with the Government and the foreign traders who are willing to join the business people in investing in Tanzania." The prime minister said the leaders had described the areas they believed they were doing well and would like to get approval to invest in Tanzania after their negotiations with the Government. They also described how the Nation would benefit from their investment.

He said, already 18 Tanzanian private traders appeared to take part in the Summit and did a great and good job of informing their Russian counterparts about the favourable investment environment in the country, especially after the President's Phase Five Government. John Alcohol Magifuls eliminates the annoyances, regulations and procedures that have made the investment environment difficult. 

Earlier, while addressing the Summit between Heads of State and Government from African and Russian states, the Prime Minister said that Tanzania is now a good investment destination for Africa as it aims to grow its economy by reaching the middle by 2025 through the sector manufacturing. It is also a land of peace and tranquillity.  "Our country is endowed with abundant natural resources that are the raw material for industries such as agricultural products, forests, oceans, lakes, minerals and animal parks which are tourist attractions," explained the Prime Minister. 

Today October 25, 2019, Mr Deal will leave Russia for Azerbaijan where he will also represent President Dr John Alcohol Magufuli at the Conference of Neutral States. The meeting is for two days.

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