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The Kibaha educational organization will have to be economically empowered

Minister of State, Presidential Office, Regional Administration, and Local Government, Selemani Jafo has instructed the Kibaha Board of Directors to use the resources of the organization to strengthen the economy.

Jafo issued the order yesterday in the city on the occasion of the inauguration of the new board of the Association headed by Professor Raphael Chibunda.

He said the organization had a lot of resources including the size of the land that if the board was creative it could use it to make productive investments that would help the organization to grow economically and independently.

However, in doing so, Jafo warned the leadership of the organization and the board of the organization to be careful about the investment they will decide to make and emphasize that there must be a productive investment that will be beneficial.

“The Kibaha Educational Organization has a huge amount of land, which if you are creative will come up with investments that will really help to boost the organization's economy, you can come up with modern stores there.

"But let me put it into perspective, the investment you choose to make it worth investing in because there are clever people who can come up with fake labels and make ineffective investments."

In addition, Jafo said it was good that the Board developed and commissioned the vision of the National Father, Julius Nyerere who decided to form the Organization to fight against the three enemies who are ignorant, disease and poverty.

Jafo also called on the Board to ensure that it strengthens the institutions such as Tumbi hospital, college, and schools under the Agency to continue to do well and benefit the people around the organization and Tanzanians in general.

Jafo also congratulated the Agency for Gastrointestinal Hospital for coming up with innovative drip-cutting technologies that helped to reduce the cost of importing water in conjunction with high school baba and Technical College (TDF).

Kibaha District Commissioner, Assumpter Mshama who is also the vice-chairman of the Board, said the challenge to keep the organization from moving forward is a budget deficit.

The nephew who was also a member of the previous board asked the government to make sure it provides a response to approving or rejecting the documents that the Agency is asking to implement quickly to move forward.

“We have been so stunned by the government's delay in making a yes or no statement in the documents that the Agency has been asking to implement.

"When you send a text, one year, two you don't get an answer but if we get an early answer of whether or not we should change this one or the other, or this project is not good enough to come up with some ideas, so we ask the PMS to work on the literature we bring."

And the Chairman of the Board, Professor Chibunda said his Board was going to carry out the instructions he had given and make the organization stronger.

He also directed the close involvement of the Society at Tumbi Hospital and its Schools which are currently under Government control.

"We feel there is a need for a change in the operating system, we want the organization at the school, the Tumbi site so that the Organization can invest."

Kibaha Educational Organization is a public service organization, located in the Coastal Region, established in 1963 as a joint project under five donors - the Government of Tanganyika for the same period as well as the four Kinordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden) on the other hand.

At the time the project was known as the "Tanganyika Nordic Project" until 1970 when the project was officially handed over to the Tanzanian government and called the Kibaha Education Organization. And insured under the Public Law Act No. 17 of 1969, the 2002 reference.

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